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The Flight of Panet Express with Bender, the Astronaut

by Sean, Nathan, and Dylan
Dec 2014


 Rocket instructions first you hold the yellow and white cords side by side . Then tie a overhand knot to join the cord. Next you pass the yellow cord through the loop in the motor housing then tie a double not .position the slot in gray motor mount tube over tab on motor housing . Glue the two motor housing halves together. Feed yellow and white tube through the body tube apply glue around the inside of the body tube and insert the motor housing until it seats against the body tube.   Test fit all four fins into the slots remove each one add glue and replace. Remove the self adhesive decals one at a time position on rocket then rub gently.


I was packing the payload it was easy because you put cotton balls for the planet experience it was fun watching the planet experience go the highest.


The rocket launch failed. Bender our astronaut died do to a failed parachute. The shock cord failed to hold and he died in the most grouse manner. He was the best of the best. I'm the reason why he is dead. I was the one who built the rocket and I was the one who failed to build it correctly. Right before the flight he told me "...," because he was a egg. He stole all my pensions. He was a good egg. But all good eggs are usually cracked. I was pretty sure he would die. That's why I betted on the rocket that he would die little did I know that it would be my fault that he would die because of me.