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Rocket News with Lily

by Lily, Delaney, and Jules,
Dec 2014


The rocket took off and soared through the air and into Patrick's arms. The rocket was in great condition and PB Jams survived. Although the launch didn't count because Patrick caught it, it was fun to launch and see it go 488 feet in the air! It was so cool! But we couldn't do it without our MISSION SPECIALISTS. They helped with the successful flight of the SHARKISHA.

Now with an interview with Delaney DeBusk and the survivor of the launch and today's celebrity, PB Jams. Now to you DeBusk.


Thanks Lily. Today we have an interview with the astronaut of the spacecraft the SHARKISHA. We will ask him a few questions about the launch.

"PB jams, how would you describe the launch?"

"Personally I thought it was scary and awesome at the same time. When it was first launched I peed my pants a little because I wasn't ready at all! It was also so awesome because I knew I was flying in a rocket!"

"Is this your career? If not, what is?"

"I loved this launch but will never do it again. My career is now a janitor at Costco because I'm too scared to ever go in a rocket again after so-called Patrick Brannan caught my aircraft."


3.....2....1....ignition PB James is ready for takeoff! PB James is going so fast toward the sun at the 56 feet high it lands safely by the track where Patrick catches it and he survives. Jules and Delaney packed the payload with 2 Cotton balls 2 foam peanuts and a tissue.we couldn't do it without lily and Mella! They made the rocket with cement glue. After the launch it smelt really bad but it was worth it because all of us had fun both building the rocket and launching it! Now we have an interview with PB Jams!

"Hello good afternoon I am PB Jams and I am here to say what I thought of the flight! First I was so scared because I wasn't ready for the flight, next I felt a rumble and the parashoot didn't come out! Now I thought I was died right about then and then someone named Patrick catches me and I am alive! Well thank you PB Jams for the interview see u next time! BYE!"